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• We train dogs for dual use as K9 police and army dogs.

• The grip work is demonstrated on the sleeve and in the full protection suit (only loot).

• The motivation to play is encouraged at the Kong.

• Depending on customer requirements: search for objects (human odors), poison (drugs), explosives


• Here the dog and handler are introduced to nose work. (Why we need a motivated dog).

• Food and toys go hand in hand for nose work.

• Our focus here is on searching for objects (burglary tools, keys, cartridge cases, etc.). Our pre-trained dogs have already successfully benefited from our training in police operations. (we are proud of our four-legged friends and their service to society).


• We can train dogs and handlers for various purposes (IGP, ring sport, KNPV).

• Different optimizations of the dog’s grip behaviour can be trained and the handler is also instructed when and how to communicate with the dog during training.

• Dr. Helmut Raiser, Alternation of prey and aggression in the protection service, is a pioneer for sport or official use.


• It is very important to us that the dog does everything with heart and soul (Bart Bellon).

• The basic signals for everyday life are taught (sit, down, recall, leash control, stop signal).

• Preparation for the companion dog test is also offered. Here it is important for us to break down all exercises into small puzzles in order to preserve the entire exercise (positive and gradual build-up).

• Known problems in certain situations are analyzed and then optimized (4 quadrants of learning theory).

• The marker or clicker are important secondary reinforcers that should be part of every well-planned dog training program.

• Shaping or free shaping allows the dog to solve tasks itself and expands the dog’s horizons many times over instead of showing or forbidding it to do everything. For this we need the marker or the clicker, among other things, which go hand in hand. (Karen Pryor)


I take the theoretical and practical part of the dog license According to § 3 NHundG, a certificate of competence is required for first-time dog owners after July 1, 2013. The theoretical knowledge test must be taken before taking up dog ownership, the practical test during the first year of dog ownership.

About us

My name is Mario Krajina, born in Bremen, Croatian citizen and passionate hunter. I am a certified dog trainer with the Lower Saxony Chamber of Veterinarians. Together with my brother-in-law, I have been successfully running the A1 Getriebe- & Autoservice GmbH, here I have the part of the commercial management.

My passion for sport has also found its place in dog sport. Since 2014, I’ve had the dog training fever. There it quickly became apparent that I am an above-average helper in the protection service who can read and understand dogs very quickly and work accordingly. I traveled a lot in Europe and helped out as a helper at large dog sellers in the Netherlands, among other places. There I received several offers to settle down in the Netherlands and work as a permanent helper.

For my wife and I, our dogs have a special place in our lives and we are always delighted to receive an update on our four-legged friends and follow their progress over the years, even after they have been successfully placed.

I would like to say a special thank you to my wife, Ilijana Krajina, who shares the same passion with me and always supports me in training the dogs and is simply indispensable. In addition, she has always had my back, both during my studies and in normal business life, and continues to do so.

References of our dogs

Several dogs have been presented to the German Armed Forces (KSK, paratroopers, military police) and the to the German and Dutch police (PH1 level).

My references include the following certificates of competence

Approval from the Verden Veterinary Office for:

• Permission according to § 11 Abs. 1S. 1 No. 8a, b, f and 6 of the TierSchG
• Recognition for the acceptance of expert examinations according to the NHundG.
• Certified dog trainer before the Lower Saxony Chamber of Veterinarians
• Certificate of competence § 11 para. 1 no. 3, 5, 6, 8a, f TierSchG

+ Certificate of the Lower Saxony Chamber of Veterinarians
+ § 11 Abs.1 Nr. 3, 5, 6, 8a,f TierSchG
+ Transportation of dogs within the EU
+ § 10 LHundG NRW
+ NePoPo®️ Gold Graduate
+ § 34a Abs. 1 sentence 5 Trade Regulation Act
+ Tarmstedt exhibition (guarded by MK9 International Team with dogs)


How to reach us

MK9 International
Mario Krajina
Ludwig-Roselius-Allee 180
28327 Bremen
Languages: Deutsch, Englisch, Kroatisch, Serbisch, Bosnisch
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